eBook-QuestionDownload the FREE e-book that Jeff recently wrote for Exponential.Org, which documents the amazing church planting movement where 50 new churches have been planted in the last few years.

Hear the story about how God has been at work supernaturally to provide and about the question that started everything in motion.

As a writer, Jeff has also co-authored Learning To Follow Jesus as well as authored God in Motion.

God In Motion


“Where is God?”

Have you been there? Do you have more questions than answers? In this book, Jeff Leake gives a wealth of insight and encouragement. He doesn’t promise instant solutions. He offers much more. Jeff reminds us that even when God seems inactive, unaware, or indifferent, He’s not. He’s always in motion behind the scenes to accomplish His wonderful (if sometimes mysterious) purposes.

God in Motion contains inspiring life principles, compelling stories, specific applications, and questions to stimulate reflection and interaction. If you’re puzzled about the loose ends in life… this book is for you!

  Learning To Follow Jesus

Jeff Leake combines his distinctive voice with Daniel McNaughton’s relational discipleship model in Follow. The seven essential attributes for learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus are presented using the Bible, personal stories, and questions to help readers apply the concepts to their lives. Resources and assessments for developing the attributes are included, as well as material to help spiritual coaches walk alongside the follower.

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